Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Every journey starts from home. A safe place right?

Home is where we feel secure. cosy and safe. When we close the from door we feel safe from any dangers on the outside and relaxed that we are together on the inside with our family. But what if you were unable to keep your family safe. What if home was no longer a place where to relax in.  Suppose home was a place where a child can suddenly become very, life threateningly sick and where help seemed a long way away when they did. What if you opened your door to someone who seemed friendly at first but then put you and your family in danger, coerced you into parting with possessions,  money, even your children!

I have lived for 12 years with the fear of sudden life threatening illness, ever since my son was  born with a  rare set of severe conditions. Last month it was me who opened our door to a charismatic con man who stole our money and sexually assaulted me. Our home has felt like the least safe place in the world at times which can be incredibly stressful. 

Sometimes in life you just have to fight or flight and when Wills has been ill and in recent weeks when life is particularly challenging, I have chosen flight - running off that adrenaline.  

This blog will be all about my motivation, musings and methods of running.  I will write how you piece life back together after such a stressful event and all the emotions and thoughts it stirs up. Running gives you time go think and the hypnotic repetition of  step after step has always  opened up my mind so I will share my musings. I will also share my training methods from scratch now as I haven't run in nearly 10 years, my gear reviews, nutrition ideas and reviews and balancing asthma (Paula Radcliffe has it too did you know?!) and diabetes with training and racing. 

Some lovely people have come to my rescue over the summer and I want to pay it forward to those who can't just run their stresses away, as well as saying thank you to some of those who have helped us when we couldn't either.  So I will be running for four charities during my training and races towards the first big goal, the London Marathon in April.  I will be sharing stories about these charities here too. 

Child Rescue Nepal  have kindly given me a place in the  Virgin London Marathon 2017  and are the main charity I am running for, They are an amazing charity who help children in Nepal who  need additional  support to reach adulthood safely. Some of these children  need rescuing and supporting having been trafficked into India, others do not have a safe home and need support in children's homes. I want to raise £2 400 pounds to enable two child to be raised safely in a children's home for a year. 

Being in hospital for weeks and weeks, feeling poorly, in pain and having lots of frightening procedures is incredibly scary for a child. Ronald McDonald House   provide a home from home environment with comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen and lots of homely.  extras for families whose children are in hospital away from home.  This has been a life saver for me many times and has meant our family has been able to be together through my son's multi organ transplants and many long admissions with complications, including rejection and a second transplant. While stores may fundraise, the charity do not get any money direct from Ronald McDonald and  rely 100% on donations and fundraising. I want to raise £1000, enabling a family  stay 40 nights with a sick child. 

Without our amazing transplant team on Ward 8 at Birmingham Children's Hospital we wouldn't still be a complete family at all so I also want to raise £1000 to fund research and staff development so they can keep on doing the magic they do.  To round it up to a nice 5K I would like to raise £600 for  Gutsy Gastros to help support families and children going though intestinal failure, the condition that led to William's transplant.

So, in all lots of work to do training, fundraising and recovering from the stress of recent events and an ongoing police case.  I hope you will follow my story and if you get anything from it please donate to my fundraising  here or, if you add a UK tax payer and your donation can be gift aided, please donate here My first target is £2000  by Christmas so the charities can ft to work using the money. I have some exciting ideas for fundraising so watch this space and if  you can help in anyway with raffle and auction prizes please do get in touch. 

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