Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Summary

So today is the end of my first week officially training for the London Marathon to raise money for  Child Rescue Nepal and four other charities close to my heart. Today is also five weeks from the assault which triggered the adrenaline that led to me need to run like Foreat Gump! I thought it would be cool to spend time here on Sunday's looking back on the week, how I felt and what worked and what didn't work.

This week it was HOT HOT HOT!!

 It has been lovely but tough training in the heat and humidity, especially with asthma (something I will be coming back to later).  I have been trying to run early or in the evening but even then had to abandon after two miles and walk home on Friday and didn't run too far or fast yesterday either. I had my best run yet today though which was good for my confidence and belief that I can do this! It has been 9 years since I last ran and before my surge in adrenaline felt it tough just to run 10 metres for a tram! I ran six days this week with a rest day on Wednesday.  It is early days so my runs are around half an hour. In total, I ran 15 miles. My average speed was around 11 minutes per mile at the start of the week but was a fab 8.55 minute per mile today.

Next week I hope to increase to 40 minute runs six days a week and keep my speed to below 10 minutes per mile throughout. When I can do this consistently I will be able to rejoin the running club I used to train and race with all those years ago. I intend to join next week with the hope I will be able to run out with them the following week

When I ran before I was just minutes outside 'good for age' for marathon and I would really like to achieve this now. Being ten years older makes it a lot harder but also means I have a few more minutes in which to achieve it. My target pace is 8.5 minutes per mile, something I achieved thought a big proportion of today's run and it felt comfortable so I hope this goal is realistic for me with work.

I am beginning to think of the nutrition needed to maximise training and the all important recovery that gets harder with age. My daughter and I have replaced breakfast with a shake and I find that a good glass of almond milk, fruits and oats is a fab start to the day and also seems to have stopped me snacking though the morning. I have discovered a truly yummy recovery shake that totally motivates me to run too.  I'll share the recipes in posts over the coming weeks.

Emotionally, I feel better thank have since it all happened. I still have my ups and downs and expect I will for a long time to come and will talk about a lot here I am sure. For the first time, this week I haven't had that horrid feeling of butterflies and nausea all day. Choosing to fly through that fight or flight reaction is working!

I hope you are enjoying reading my blog and maybe getting something from it in some way. If so, please help me to pay it forward  by supporting  my marathon fundraising

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