Thursday, 15 September 2016

I think it is time to vlog

I have been meaning to write  here every day and, as you have noticed, hopelessly failing. Partly I think because the topic is such a difficult and emotive one and I really do want to open up and be honest about what happened and how it has impacted my life so I guess I am putting off writing here, although there is so much to say.

I have been thinking about doing a vlog (video blog) on YouTube to go along side this one. I guess it would be easier to talk each day and then write in here a few times a week. I communicate differently when I write and talk so a vlog would be more informal and personal, a chat really sharing training tips and ideas, recipes and my thoughts as I run , including about what happened this summer. I would probably do these as I come back from, prepare for or evaluate a run  and then come here a few times a week to write my deeper thoughts and feelings about what came up in the vlog. Does it sound a good idea? I think I will start this at the weekend so watch this space....

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